Family Night | Kings Dominion


If you grew up in Virginia, chances are you anxiously awaited for the opening of King’s Dominion water and theme park each summer. Their thrill rides and Scooby Doo roller coast has been on every kid’s summer wish list each year. On May 4, 2017, King’s Dominion hosted their first family night for all of their full-time employees since being purchased by Cedar Fair. Together, Cedar Fair and King’s Dominion have made many fun updates to the park, including a new emphasis on Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang. The night included rides, dinner, awards, the Badass Booth, and, to everyone’s delight, Peanuts’ characters Sally and Linus who had more than their fair share of fun in the booth. The event was hosted in the new pavilion located near the iconic Eiffel Tower near the front of the park. If you're a Peanut's fan, check out the Snoopy Twitter for fun updates!